Boggle Me Thursday

So it’s almost the end of the week and I’m sure most of you are excited over their weekend plans. As for me, I just intend to stay home (as always). Not only will I get to relax, but it’s much cheaper to stay indoors.  ;-) But before everybody gets too excited, let’s do some […]

Boggle Me Thursday # 2

It’s time for Boggle Me Thursday again! :-) It’s a good thing I didn’t forget to post my entry for today. So here are the words I found in 3 minutes using this: age ash cue cut cute gate gee hem hue hut huts just jut mat mate max met set shut tag tax

Boggle Me Thursday

I usually post my Boggle Me Thursday entries on my other blog which I normally refer to as My Turf.  But since this blog is fairly new, less than a week old, and hasn’t yet been given a proper introduction to the blogging world, I decided to post my BMT entry for today here. :-D […]

Life and then Some

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