Woot! I am so proud of myself, because I was able to complete all Saturdays of January for COPS! Some of you know how tight my schedule could be, but I’ve been trying to experiment with something that would make me finish with all my article assignments early. I’m doing this so I wouldn’t have […]

It’s time for COPS once again! I almost forgot about it. It’s a Saturday, and I have nothing much to do. Yet, I still forgot to post COPS earlier. So sorry. I didn’t have enough powers to post COPS at exactly 12 midnight, because I was dead tired after we got back from a family […]

I’m trying my best to stay true to my promise, so even if I’m feeling under the weather, I am posting my entry for COPS. This should have been up since 12A.M.; however, I had to get up early this morning to partake in a rich spiritual activity. Yep, even though I’m sick, I had […]

Gosh. :blush: It has been so long that I think I’ve forgotten how to host a meme already. I know I’ve neglected this meme for the longest time, and there is no excuse for it other than the fact that I’ve been busy with work. Lately though, I’ve found a way to manage my time […]

Time for some purple lovin’ again folks! Sorry for the delay. This should’ve been posted at exactly 12 midnight but I realized that most the pictures I took of my purple stuff are all saved in my phone and unfortunately, I can’t find my USB cable. I instead opted to use the adaptor for the […]

I feel as though it has been AGES since I last posted a COPS entry. To tell you honestly, it pained me to know that I “ignored” this meme for quite some time. However, it wasn’t intentional. I didn’t forget about it, nor was it a personal choice to put the meme to a stop. […]

It’s a good thing I remembered that today is a Saturday and that I should be posting my COPS entry. I should’ve posted this earlier but I guess the weather was just too cool to pass up on the chance of turning in early. Anyway, I hope more people would join today than last week. […]

Welcome to Crazy Over Purple Over Saturdays on a Sunday! LOL! I didn’t have time to post my entry yesterday because I had to study for something. No, not school. I just had to read some materials for spiritual meditation. :-) Anyway, there might be some people (I’m hoping there are!) who are waiting for […]

What do you know, it’s Saturday once again! How time flies. Geez. That phrase is so overused. Anyway, how was your week? Mine was a-ok. Busy, tiring, battled with an ear infection and allergies to boot. Not to mention that it practically rained the whole week. In fact, it has been raining non-stop for the […]

Wow, it took me exactly 1 week before I was able to update this blog. Sorry. But at least we have COPS this week, don’t we? :laugh: I’ve been busy. Heck, I’m always busy. Work is good but it’s kind of stressing me out. Oh well. Anyway, here’s my share for this Saturday. This used […]

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