Advice On How To Buy Cheap Video Games

Is your local game shops testing console becoming your primary console? Are you subscribing to gaming magazines just so you can play the demo games included? Are you forced into a noodle diet because you just had to buy that latest game? This won’t be a problem for you anymore, I’ll list some ways on how to help you save money when buying a game.Do Not Buy From Offline StoresOne of the most common mistakes that you can do as a costumer is buying is buying a new game from an offline store(a real store). The games are way overpriced, even when discounts are included in the sale, or if you got a discount card from the store. There are some good things about the offline stores, the pre-owned sections. The pre-owned games are monitored hard before they sell them and have almost the same quality as a new game.These will also be about 20-25 percent cheaper than buying the new game and most of the time, they got the same guarantee! But if possible, check that the gaming manual is still there and that there’s no scratches on the disc.Use the Internet For the Best DealsAs a buyer, one of your first choices should be eBay or a similar site. Games on eBay are often, if not all the time, cheaper than anywhere else. Most of it is pre-owned but you can find new ones also, the same ones selling for 50 percent more in your local offline store. When bidding, try to find auctions that sell more than just 1 game, look for at least 10+ because this is where the real saving is.There might be some games that you wont find amusing for you, in this case you can just go to any real life store and sell it. When buying on eBay be sure to use PayPal, they send out coupons a few times each year, giving you a 5-10 percent discount on eBay items!There are also sites that compare the price of all the online stores, which is helpful to find the cheapest product. These can be found by Googling some.Have PatienceThe game prices will often fall a lot during the first months after the release, a 60 dollar game can be found at 25 4 months after the release, most of the time it won’t be that good but every game will fall in price shortly after released. Another good thing about this is that you can get other people opinions on the game, reviews, videos and forum posts, which can help you decide if it’s worth the price.One last tip is to check the big electronic sellers because these tend to sell the games cheaper because it’s not their main source of income.