People who play musical instruments know how important it is to care for their pieces properly and maintain these the right way. Proper maintenance is crucial so only the best sound emanates from the instrument. No other instrument needs utmost care than one with strings. An acoustic guitar string is instrumental in making sure that the exact tone comes out each time you strum your guitar. Nevertheless, guitar strings have the tendency to break no matter how well you care for these. Furthermore, if you play the guitar regularly, sweat from your hands would accumulate in the minutest gaps in the strings. When this happens, the guitar would start to sound blunt, clogged, or muffled.

There is also the chance that there would be rust build-up on the strings. This would make it impossible for you to fine-tune the guitar. These are just some of the reasons why you need to change acoustic guitar strings periodically. If you put on a new set of strings on a regular basis, you would be able to tune the guitar perfectly. Of course, you would also be able to produce the best sound possible. The ideal time to change the strings is every three months. This isn’t going to pose too much hassle on your part since you can place guitar strings order online.

By doing so, you would maintain a better tone of the guitar. Now the question is how do you go about an acoustic guitar string change? Some instructors who teach guitar lessons actually teach their students to change guitar strings. It’s not so hard to do as long as you have a good set of strings, pliers, and plenty of time. It’s important to buy good quality strings from known brands, because the tone produced from the guitar would greatly depend on the quality of the strings you replaced.

The first thing you need to do when stringing acoustic guitar is to remove the worn-out strings totally. This involves detuning the guitar completely in order to loosen all the strings and remove these from their respective tuning heads. Afterward, you need to take the strings from the bridge, which is found on the other end of the guitar. The bridge has caps placed firmly on it in order to secure the strings. These caps are important as these hold the tension of the strings while you’re playing the guitar. You need to remove the caps with pliers so you can remove the strings off the bridge. Keep in mind that the manner in which you would put new strings on the guitar is the same as how you removed the old one, albeit in reverse. You need to replace one string at a time.

You’ll find rings on the end of each strong and these are the ones you need to insert in holes on the bridge, after which you need to secure these with the caps. You need to make sure that you fit the caps properly so there wouldn’t be any chance for the strings to loosen up when you begin plucking on the strings. Then, take the other end of the strings and insert these in the holes of the respective tuning heads. Try not to pull on the ends tightly, making sure you keep a little slack. This would make it easier for you to coil the strings around the tuning head twice when you begin retuning the guitar.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you can choose the best acoustic guitar string. Well, it would be a good idea to determine which type of string you want. Would you opt for nylon strings or would you prefer steel strings? Nylon strings are typically used in Spanish guitars that have long fingerboard. Steel strings are perfect for acoustic guitars. Nevertheless, you could try to experiment with nylon strings especially if you want to produce mellow sounds. Steel strings are known to give out sharp attacking tones, which may not sit well with you. You also need to pay attention to the gauge, which relates to how thick the string is. For acoustic guitars, gauges are measured in diameters classified in thousandths of an inch. Acoustic guitars have five gauges – extra light, custom light, light, light to medium, and medium. If you’re a beginner, you might want to use strings with light gauges, as these are softer to play. Concisely, you choose gauges depending on how you strum or pluck the strings.

You would do well to familiarize yourself with different acoustic guitar string names so you’ll know which ones to buy when you need to change strings. Some of the more famous brand names are D’Addario, Fender, Dean Markley, elixir, Ernie Ball, and Dunlop. Choosing from among these brands would ensure the best sound clarity for your acoustic guitar. Remember, if you choose the right set of strings, there would be vast improvements on the tone quality and your guitar-playing skills.

My Asian Secrets Experience

If there’s one thing I’m utterly guilty about, it’s being OC when it comes to my skincare. I’ve always been like that, even when I was so much younger and barely had knowledge about the so-called beauty regimens of adults (women in particular). I don’t think it’s about vanity (or being vain)…I’d like to believe that I just want to take care of my skin because I know it’s a big part of me.

Anyway, last week, I received a package containing two tubs of Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub. I’m sure most of you have heard about it, maybe even seen it on the shelves of your favorite groceries. If you haven’t, let me tell you a little something about it.

Asian Secrets is a line of whitening body scrubs and soaps that take root from well-preserved Asian skin traditions and rituals. In fact, the term “Lulur” refers to a beauty treatment used in Indonesia wherein soon-to-be-wed women do every day, for 40 days, before their actual wedding day. It is said that this ritual makes the skin whiter, smoother, and suppler. Obviously, a bride-to-be needs to be at her finest on her special day. With this in mind, one can only assume what Asian Secrets can do.

The products are made from natural ingredients. This fact is enough to make me want to make the product a constant in my bi-weekly grocery list. I’m not really a big fan of products laden with harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients especially if I have to use those on my skin. Since Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub guarantees to be effective, safe, hypo-allergenic, and free from harmful chemicals, I knew that I just had to try it.

So try it, I did. On the same evening that I received the package, I used the Green Tea and Vitamin E variant of my Asian Secrets loot before I showered. The first thing I noticed about the tub I opened is its scent. I fell in love with it instantly since it wasn’t overpowering, and there was that hint of green tea scent that I enjoyed so much.

The next thing I noticed were the beads, which I knew was meant to exfoliate my skin as I rubbed on the product. The tub directions for use suggested that the product be used on dry skin, and that’s what I did. Of course, I was anticipating the beads to sting a little; I mean dry skin + beads don’t really paint a good picture. Surprisingly, though, the beads were fine, and as I rubbed a dollop of the product on my skin using circular motions, it felt good. It felt like I was giving my skin a good massage.

When I rinsed off the scrub, I was surprised (although I was keeping my fingers crossed for the desired effect) to find my skin supple and silky-smooth. It was like lavishing on a good moisturizer all over my body, and the best part was, my skin smelled so good afterwards!

I highly recommend it to those who have dry skin, as the exfoliating properties of Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub can remove dry, dead skin cells in a flash. If you have dark spots that you want to get rid of – on your elbows, knees, armpits, etc. – this product can effectively help you, too. Finally, if you want to have lighter skin, you should try the scrub. Of course, you can use Asian Secrets Bengkoang Soap, too, for better results.

Wall Mount for the TV

Yesterday, at the mall, we spent some time at the appliance center. We really didn’t mean to. We were just taking a shortcut and it was the fastest way to get to where we needed to be. But all those LED and LCD TVs were just calling out to us.

They had most all brands displayed. Sony, Sanyo, Sharp, Samsung, and a handful of lesser known brands. Some actually looked quite affordable. We started imagining which size would be perfect for the living room, a 40-inch screen would be perfect. We’d have the tilt wall mount installed right on the wall at the back of our current TV screen. A smaller screen would be great for the bedroom. Somewhere between 21-32 inches would be a good fit.

A smart LED TV screen is definitely on my list of wants. But it might just have to go after a computer upgrade, or even air-conditioning for the house.

Reading Too Much

Yep, that’s me. I’ve been reading a lot these days. My collection of e-books is growing, and I don’t have the heart to let these sit on my digital library without paying these their due.

So, yeah, for the past couple of months, I’ve been reading one book after the other. I even set a goal for myself to read at least 100 books for 2013. So far, I’ve read 65 books already. Smile

I’m preparing another list of newly-released e-books that I plan to download or purchase. I’ve got a couple of titles in mind, mostly part of several book series/anthologies that I already own.

I base my purchases on reviews given by other bibliophiles on Goodreads, and so far, their reviews have been very helpful. I’m thinking which e-book I should read next. With that thought, I’m bracing myself for another late night…or early morning, is it? Once I started reading the books, I couldn’t bring myself to close my ADE. Hence, for two straight days, I slept at 4a.m. just so I could finish two books.

Oh boy. I guess I really am reading too much.

Something Musical this Year

A blogger friend recently posted a gift idea for dad: a brand new guitar. That’s not a bad idea really; Father’s Day is in a few weeks’ time after all. For dads who still have their well-loved (and overused) guitars though, new ultrasound amps might just be the thing.

If dad is more of a gamer though, and also into music, the latest Rock Band or Guitar Hero sets could be a better idea. They can rock on, and the entire family can enjoy along – or battle each other! It really depends on what dad likes to do. If he’s a movie buff, then get something new for his DVD collection. If he’s into sports, then get him tickets to the next big game.

These days we have a lot more options than just the same old boring tie or socks for gifting dad. But what’s important is to show them our appreciation not just on one day each year, but always.

Beyond College Backpacks

When preparing for your child to head off to college, new backpacks is just the beginning of a long list of supplies you will need to acquire. Depending on the living situation, which may be on or off campus, a dorm room, fraternity house or some other variation, you will need everything from bedding to pots and pans – it can get overwhelming, especially if this is your child’s first time on their own.

Most schools provide a dorm checklist and major retailers typically offer comprehensive college and dorm checklists too. Take a look online and you’ll soon discover specific websites dedicated solely to making the move to a college dorm manageable. If roommates are involved it’s not uncommon for kids to meet up on facebook and discuss décor ideas along with deciding who will bring what. This should be encouraged because it will help to avoid duplication and may reduce the number and quantity of goods required.

It’s important to get the lay of the land as soon as possible – many modern dorm rooms are more like apartments with a suite of bedrooms and a shared living room, bath and kitchen. This means things like bathroom and vanity mirrors will be provided whereas in older dorms the communal bathroom down the hall requires a completely different approach to bath and shower needs. Whatever the situation it’s a good idea to go with very distinctive or even monogrammed towels as these are the very sort of articles which can get lost or stolen. Discreetly marking all personal items with a name and phone number is a good idea anyway.

On Pretty Killer Shoes and Comfy Feet

Sore, tired feet are a problem many women face. Whether you are constantly on-the-go or participating in a once-in-a-lifetime event, having comfortable shoes is a must. Foot Petals offers several shoe insoles for women that help prevent sore feet and blisters. Each style Foot Petals offers features a petal-shaped design that is built for comfort. Soft and easily applied, each insert is practical as well as trendy. Several colors and styles are available, making them easy to coordinate with your favorite shoes. This is especially important for heels and open-toed shoes where the petals can be seen. Different shapes are also available to help you target your specific trouble spots or give you complete comfort. Killer Kushionz and Sporty Soles give you protection across your entire foot, making it easier to run all day or stand tall in your pumps. The Pressure Pointz line allows you to apply soft, smaller petals to any area you please, giving your shoe a more custom fit. Each shoe pad is designed to stick in place during some of the most rigorous activities. Using a strong adhesive, these thin pads are applied directly to the shoe. Once applied, the shoe can be worn comfortably again and again. Built to last, these convenient little pads are ready to protect your feet and provide maximum comfort!

People who live in the city are having a hard time getting enough negative ions because there is not enough source around, unlike most of the rural areas, there are falls and beaches, forests and mountains. Make the negative ions accessible within your house even if you live in a building by having one or several of the henri studio fountains in your living room, bedroom and even in the kitchen. This will improve the health of everyone living in the same place.

Another place to get negative ions is in the shower so you might want to take advantage of it by breathing in and out consciously through the nose because oxygen is processed only through the nose. (Make sure your nose is not under the shower!) The mouth is for eating and the nose is for breathing. You might want to take note of that.

Fun Sunday

Last Sunday, my family and I went to a nearby resort for some downtime with friends. Dipped myself in the pool for a few hours and watched over my nephew who was having loads of fun himself (he practically had the kiddie pool all to himself!).

There was a karaoke machine, and I spent most of my time singing. I loved the song selections. I was able to sing many of my favorite songs while the young ones were busy playing water games.

I wasn’t even aware of how tired I’ve grown until after we got home and I couldn’t rouse myself up from bed. I think I fell asleep as early as 10:30PM (yes, that’s early for me).

I wanted to play hooky and stay in bed the following day, but work beckoned me (I didn’t have a choice). Hence, I got out of bed against my will and played the role of dutiful employee. In fact, I was even asked by my boss to render overtime work. Thank goodness I was able to recharge. Otherwise, I would’ve flat out said no.

Anyway, here’s hoping there will be a repeat of last Sunday’s fun times.

Choosing a Musical Instrument

Music has always been part of man’s life. Even if the person is not endowed with musical singing prowess, there are musical instruments to channel your efforts on. It is said that to train to be in tune, you have to repeat the tune that the musical instrument is playing but it is important that the instrument itself does not get out of tune easily. Between a guitar and a piano, there is better chance of correcting one’s voice using the piano.

Alternatively, you can also venture into playing a musical instrument instead of using it as a mere aid to correct your voice. A piano is too big and expensive. An organ will do but if you want to be different, you can go for one of the exceptional trumpets sold online. Not many chooses to play it because of the different challenge but if you think it excites you, what are you waiting for?

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